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Parking Lot

Your parking lot is one of the most important areas of your business, but is often a place that is overlooked. Your parking lot is the first impression your customers have of you. If your parking lot is chipped, cracked and in need of maintenance, this can indicate that the business is not up to par. Likewise, chipped, cracked and unsettled parking lots can also be a source of liability for your company as someone can trip and fall.

No matter how well your existing parking lot was installed the first time, at some point it becomes inevitable that you will need to repair or replace it. Many factors such as rain, snow, cold and hot temperatures and the weight of the traffic that travels over it will all impact how long your parking lot maintains.

There are two basic ways to maintain your parking lot and Tradesmithe provides quality workmanship for each option.

The first option is a total replacement as eventually all parking lots become too degraded to maintain and repair. A total replacement (or remove and replace) requires the existing parking lot to be completely excavated. Upon excavation, the sub-grade is evaluated and repaired as needed. The final step is to lay the base and surface.

The second option is to resurface the parking lot. Resurfacing of a parking lot installs a new layer of asphalt of what is already in place.

At Tradesmithe, we provide quality parking lot replacement and repair services on time and on budget. We also manage a variety of parking lot related services including:

  • Asphalt Crack Repair
  • Curbs
  • Infrared Repair
  • Island Work
  • Mill and Overlay
  • Seal Coating
  • Striping
  • Subgrade Corrections
parkinglot asphalt hole asphalt repair second parkinglot

For ten years, I’ve recommended and used Tradesmithe as the quality of their workmanship is so consistent. Their professional interaction with management ensures the operation of the store is not affected and they complete their work as scheduled. They stand out as a contractor my clients consistently request for their future projects.Debba Hlinak, Project Manager, 360° Project Management

We recently had the opportunity to use Tradesmithe as our subcontractor for a customer that needed us to provide a turnkey installation. The project had a very tight completion schedule and required skilled and safety-oriented carpenters. The installation was a complete success… on time and within budget. Our customer placed them on their approved vendor list for additional installations direct to them.Joe Lucnik, Vice President/Project Manager, Pinnacle Services, Inc.

Tradesmithe completely installed four custom kitchens for our show room in less than a week. The specialized moldings in one of the kitchens would have taken most vendors a week alone to mount and the results wouldn’t have been near as good.Ken S., Manager, THD

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